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Dr. Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart sensors are seeing a continued uptick in usage. Recent BLE announcements include break throughs such as a battery-free BLE smart sensor, which will only increase the usage of BLE devices. According to some sources, as many as 4.2 billion Bluetooth enabled devices will have shipped by the end of 2019. The potential problem with this is that under some use-cases, such as in-motion solutions, there exists the inherent risk of missed/lost advertisement packets due to an overabundance of devices within a confined area. This session will discuss research currently being done at the University of Memphis, in which the researchers are trying to determine the real-world point at which a critical number of BLE ads are being lost due to communications collisions. Some of the common use cases for BLE will be briefly discussed as well as the results to date of the saturation study that is currently in progress.